About Us

Pioneer In Computer-guided Surgeries

Who is 360imaging?

360imaging® is a pioneer in the world of implantology and digital planning. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, we offer a range of unique products and services to implant professionals and their patients, as well as dental laboratories.

Our Mission

At 360imaging® our mission is to enhance the quality and feasibility of implant treatment planning worldwide. We deliver a full solution for guided surgeries. Starting with our own scanning centers, we cover the whole implant placement process through our own implant planning software, laboratories and products.

What do we do?

In close cooperation with implantology experts worldwide, we continuously develop our 360imaging® services. Our services are based upon 10+ years of experience and innovation in the field of implantology. Integrity is our core value. For years, 360imaging ™ has been choosing quality ahead of profit. With more than 90,000 cases planned, our software is now one of the leading digital planning software on the market.

Why choose 360imaging ™ ?

Our planning software is compatible with every implant kit on the market, all scanning machines, and prosthodontic designing software.

Quickest treatment planning service. Our expert dentists deliver your treatment plan within 4 hours.

Excellent customer service: Our staff is always ready to help you with installation, troubleshooting and to answer all your questions.

Our clients are a part of our big family of experts. We have over 150 certified labs across the US alone. Our team is dedicated to making your experience a satisfying and enriching one.

An all-in-one solution for computer-guided surgeries, including scanning, treatment planning, guide design and final delivery of the guides.

The only company offering in-house training for laboratories.



In 2005, 360imaging was founded on the basis of opening scanning centers throughout the southeast.

In 2007, we realized that there was a need for a process that would take a patients CT scan and allow doctors to plan implant placement for surgery and pioneered the concept of 3D Treatment Planning Services (TX Vison®).



In 2009, 360imaging® became the world’s largest guided surgery provider and started the development of our own guided surgery solution which included 360dps™ (Dental Planning Software) and 360ips™ (Implant Positioning System) surgical guides.

In 2012, 360imaging® started letting doctors purchase the 360dps™ software which allowed them to efficiently treatment plan their own implant cases in 3D with a new level of predictability and safety that saved them time and money.



In 2014, 360imaging® released this program to train local laboratories on how to treatment plan implant cases and produce surgical guides for an easier beginning to end process and better restorative outcomes for the patients.