360Imaging is the only company that offers hands-on extensive training for dental labs. With more than 50 certified labs across the US, 360Imaging training program is designed to train labs to become our certified partners. Labs can now be involved in the planning process and coordinate with the surgeon and restorative dentist so they can ensure consistent treatment results.

To stand out as a dental lab, you need expert training and support. That is precisely what we offer through our Certified Lab Program.

Our experts train and support you, step by step, on all the following aspects of implant planning:

  • Radiology & Anatomy
  • Scanning Protocols
  • 3D Implant Planning
  • 360dps™ Software
  • Drilling Instructions
  • Guides Fabrication
  • Surgical Guides
  • Surgical Kits
  • Post Processing Steps

Certified Lab Program

Why You Should Join?

  • Add treatment planning services, surgical guides, and provisional crowns to your current implant cases.
  • Increase the confidence of your general practitioner clients performing implant cases. Help them get higher acceptance rates and increase the number of implant cases in their practices.
  • 360Imaging will open new doors into the specialty market. Increase the number of implant cases completed by expanding your customer base.

Discover the Basic Plan: You treatment plan and 360imaging
prints the guides for you.

After 90 days, you receive your final certification and our team assess your readiness through your choice of evaluation methods:

  • In our facility in Atlanta.
  • By sending our team to your facility if your lab wants to use your in-house equipment.
  • Online.

As a Certified Lab, you join our family. We help you present your new services by:

  • Featuring your lab on our website and social media platforms.
  • Preparing case studies.
  • Providing patient education tools.
  • Producing brochures about your new services.
  • Expert speakers sent to your facility to present your new services to local dentists.
  • Arranging online webinars on your behalf.

360dps™ dental planning software is compatible with most implant kits and DICOM files on the market. This widens your network of clients.

Automated drilling protocols integrate into the 360dps™ with simplified, full sequence drilling available for each implant kit. With our customized approach, you enjoy less stress since the software takes care of the drilling sequence and protocol. 360dps™ also produces comprehensive printed plans including all the components needed for each case, such as implant kits, sleeves, etc.

Certified Lab Program Packages

Tier 1

  • Become a 360Imaging Certified Lab and get listed on our website.
  • Offer 360Imaging complete guide solution (tooth-supported, tissue-supported, bone-supported &
    bone reduction guides).
  • Includes 360Courier (HIPAA-compliant image
    management software) lab version &
    distribution rights for doctor version.
  • Includes 360Viewer software distribution rights.
  • Training on printing, finishing, curing &
    sleeving guides.
  • No monthly support fees.
  • Discounted pricing on services (planning,
    design & printing).
  • Sales & marketing support to offer your
    complete solution.
  • 360dps™ Treatment Planning Software.
  • 4 Live training sessions on 360dps™.
  • Duplicate cases from any other treatment planning software.
  • Planmeca Compatibility.
  • Carestream Compatibility.
  • 30 days of unlimited treatment planning “from the first case”.
  • Treatment Planning Services.
  • Guide Design.
  • Printing of our own design.
  • Software support.
  • Do your treatment plan on any software and we will review it.

Tier 2

  • Everything in Basic Plan.
  • 360dps™ Guide Design Version.
  • 10 guide design exports included.
  • Online Training with 360Dentist.
  • 30 days of unlimited guide designs “from the first case”.

Tier 3

  • Everything in Basic & Pro plans.
  • 360dps™ Full software (Treatment planning
    & Guide design module).
  • Training with 360Dentist.
  • Unlimited treatment planning for 90 days.
  • Unlimited guide designs for 90 days.
  • 4 Exports a month included.

Join our Certified
Lab Program today!