General FAQS

Who works on my treatment plan?

Our 360dentists ™ work on your treatment plan and are a trademark of 360imaging. They are extensively trained at 360imaging in order to be able to start working with us.

How long does it take to deliver the treatment plan?

We promise you the delivery of your treatment plan within 24 hours, usually in only 2-4 hours.

Can I have a radiology report alone?

Yes! However, if you order a radiology report along with one of our other services (treatment planning or surgical guide) you receive a 40% discount.

Can I send any type of radiograph for evaluation?

Yes! You can send CBCTs, CT scans, panoramic images, etc. However, for a more accurate radiographic examination, it is recommended to submit a CBCT scan.

Is the area of interest the only thing examined in my radiograph?

It is the legal responsibility of our radiology team to examine the entire radiograph submitted to them.

What are the required scans?

Full Arch CBCT scan or at least a quadrant scan showing a minimum of 6 teeth and filling the prescription form on Courier ™ .

Can I print surgical guide in-house?

Yes! You can purchase a version of the 360DPS ™ that allows you to do the treatment plan and print in-house. We can also do the treatment planning for you and send you an STL file to print in-house.

Who writes my radiology reports?

Dr. Taraneh Zahedi, associate professor of radiology at UTHSCSA, along with her team of board certified radiologists.

360 Courier FAQS

What if my 360courier™ is unable to activate?

Please insure that the time is correct on the pc you are working on. If and when the PC time is incorrect (not matching your timezone), courier is unable to reach our activation servers. Another reason could be that you’re entering the liscence number incorrectly or your courier version is outdated.

How do I send a case via 360courier™?

  1. Launch 360courier™ Application from the  desktop or start menu by double clicking on the icon.
  2. Click on New Order and select from the wide variety of available services then fill in the online order / prescription form.
  3. Next you will fix out the patient data and select next. Following the patient data, you will select the implant locations.
  4. Select DICOM and attach the folder that has the patients full DICOM set in it and select order now.

* Please make sure you give it time to upload (Uploading is indicated with a red % indicator. Downloading is shown with green % indicator).

Do you need an internet connection to use 360dps™ or 360courier™?

Yes, both 360dps (Dental Planning Software) and 360courier require an internet connection to establish a link to our activation servers and ensure that updates to the implant libraries and software functionalities are kept up to date. 360courier also requires a connection to send the virtual RX form and files to 360imaging.

What kind of DICOM files do you need?

We accept DICOM files from any CT manufacturer’s machine. We will need full multi-frame DICOMS (should be 200+ in one folder) from any CBCT machine. Also, we recommend DICOMS slice thickness to be between 0.1 – 0.3 mm maximum.