New DPS: Magically Transform Your Patients’ Lives with Groundbreaking AI Technology

When you combine machine learning with artificial intelligence, the result is nothing short of magic! New DPS puts cutting edge dental planning and design technology right at your fingertips. If you want the absolute best treatment outcome for your patients, you know where to look. AI-assisted dental treatment planning gives you virtually no surgical deviation with dramatically minimized room for human error

case review

Treatment Planning

Use AI features to quickly and efficiently plan your implant placement surgery.

Guide Design

Surgical Guide Design

Design different surgical guide using machine learning capabilities.


Orthodontic Clear Aligners

Plan and design clear aligners to solve different orthodontic problems.

What makes New DPS the best dental software on the market?

  • Not only implant treatment planning: plan and design surgical guides, clear aligners and digital smile design (DSD).
  • The largest implant library: choose your preferred implant kit from all major providers.
  • The most comprehensive solution: accepts all DICOM files and scans images.
  • The fastest dental software to-date: only requires basic hardware requirements to run at optimal speed.
  • Hardware flexibility: open-ended software architecture, compatible with all intraoral scanners.

Treatment Planning

Enjoy comprehensive digital treatment planning for guided implant placement surgery as well as orthodontic clear aligners. Let AI fill in the gaps for a quick and accurate treatment plan that will guarantee the long-term success of dental implants as well as the final prosthesis. All major implant brands are readily available in New DPS huge library so that you can customize the treatment planning process to your liking.

Get the job done with just a few clicks!


Have all your required extra and intraoral scan images ready and saved in DICOM file format on your device.


Open your patient’s saved single or multi DICOM file on New DPS in one click.


Define the panoramic curve and make any desired adjustments across sagittal and coronal planes.


Locate and trace the inferior alveolar nerve on the model in 2D and 3D views.


Superimpose your patient’s digital impression on the 3D model by positioning at least 3 reference points.


Start working on your treatment plan right away. 

Surgical Guide Design

Design the most anatomically accurate surgical guides seamlessly without the need for any additional programs or add-ons. New DPS allows you to plan and execute all sorts of different surgical guides, including: pilot, tooth-supported, tissue-supported and bone-supported bone reduction guides. AI-aided design produces surgical and implant placement guides that are made-to-measure, providing perfect fit for each patient.

Clear Aligners

Optimize your treatment plan to resolve various orthodontic problems such as; teeth crowding, protrusion, retrusion, faulty overjet or overbite and unlevel Curve of Spee. Ensure the most predictable clinical outcomes for your clear aligner patients by utilizing machine learning design modality in New DPS. Decrease total treatment time with rapid planning and easy design tools.

Why Choose New DPS?



Our developers designed a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) system that enables you to transform panoramic/CBCT images and intraoral scans into a complete 3D model. The system is able to accurately predict the model in three dimensions, reducing human-attributed error rate. 



Use the most comprehensive platform that is available on the market. Upload single or multi DICOM files directly and start working immediately. Enjoy a fully-integrated resource that keeps all your treatment planning cases in one place. New DPS extensive dental implant library gives you the option to mix and match according to your own preferences and your patient’s individual needs. 



Get the fastest treatment planning software to-date. New DPS doesn’t take up your system resources, and requires basic hardware and software specifications. Cut down the time needed for planning your cases dramatically and let the New DPS do the heavy lifting for you. 



Integrate any intraoral scanner that you already use in your practice thanks to New DPS open-ended software architecture. No need to purchase new or special equipment in order to start using our highly-versatile digital treatment planning program.