Surgical Guides

The use of surgical guides in implant dentistry has increased the predictability of dental implant treatment plan outcomes. In the past implant placement was routinely done freehand, this technique sometimes resulted in damage to patient’s anatomic structures.

However, with the introduction of surgical guides clinicians have now acquired more confidence in the accurate positioning and placement of implants in each case. This ensures a more functional, restorative result for the patient.

360 Surgical Guides

Advantages of using
surgical guides:

  • Reduce surgery time.
  • More predictable implant placement.
  • Decrease patient trauma and healing time.
  • Optimal esthetic and more functional results.

360Imaging ™ offers a wide variety of surgical guides fabricated
from a wide variety of biocompatible, FDA approved resin:


Pilot Surgical Guides

Used for the initial drill only. It ensures the accurate position and inclination of the initial drilling. The rest of the implant placement procedure is freehand.


Tooth Supported Surgical Guides

Usually fabricated for single implant placement or partially edentulous patients. Easily reproducible landmarks (teeth) are used for retention and support.


Tissue Supported Surgical Guides

Gaining its main support and retention from the mucosa, the tissue supported guides are commonly fabricated based on existing removable prosthesis.


Bone Supported Surgical Guides

Usually used for edentulous patients, this type of guide gains its support from the load bearing areas or the divergence of the alveolar ridge.

The Anatomic Guide ™

An innovation to the bone reduction guide industry, the Anatomic Guide ™ is 360Imaging’s breakthrough in the world of implant dentistry. It reduces the working time for full arch reconstruction surgeries as low as 2 hours. 75% smaller in size than a regular surgical guide and 3 times stronger, the Anatomic Guide ™ offers unique physical properties that make it the best bone reduction guide on the market. Only a buccal flap is required for the full seating of the Anatomic Guide ™ with maximum visibility and easy irrigation.