Imagine eliminating the guesswork from your everyday dental challenges and saving time by not having to learn how to master digital treatment planning yourself!
We offer you unique, fast and reliable digital treatment planning services through our team of highly skilled specialists who are always in pace with the latest news of computer guided surgery. You can now convert all your scans into a 3D treatment plan.

All you have to do is send us your patient’s scans through Courier ™ , our free, secured, HIPPA compliant cloud platform. Your scans are viewed by a team of highly qualified dentists and the suitable treatment plan is ready for review within 4 hours.

You can review the treatment plan either offline through screenshots sent to your email or through dps viewer or review it online with one of our specialists to adjust it together.

Once the proposed treatment plan is approved by our client, our specialized CAD engineers start working on the final design.

You can also require the final STL file for in-house printing.


For dentists who have a high flow of implant cases requiring digital planning, we offer you our money-saving Valet Package of unlimited number of treatment plans.

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