Eliminate the guesswork from your cases and save time by letting our team of experts handle your implant planning. We stay updated with the latest computer-guided surgery developments so you can focus on delivering first-class care.

Discover a predictable, efficient, and reliable digital treatment planning service that streamlines today’s best dentistry. With a few easy steps, convert your scans to a 3-D treatment plan. Here’s how it works:

  • Simply send us your patient’s scans through Courier ™, our free, secure, HIPPA-compliant cloud platform. Your scans are viewed by a team of highly qualified dentists and a customized treatment plan is ready for review within 4 hours.
  • You choose to review the treatment plan offline through screenshots sent to your email, through DPS viewer, or online with one of our specialists to make adjustments to the plan.
  • Once you approve the proposed treatment plan, our specialized CAD engineers immediately start working on the final design.

If you prefer, request the final STL file for in-house printing. With 360Imaging, you’ll find options to fit your style and workflow.


For dentists with implant cases requiring digital planning, we offer a money-saving Valet Package that includes unlimited treatment plans.

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